Crisis in Missouri Causes Jolt in Gun Sales

Gun Sales have skyrocketed in Ferguson, MO as the current situation grows worse and worse everyday. The situation was all started when a young boy was shot by a policeman. The story is different on both sides so it is not yet clear about what truly transpired, but in response to that there have been many cases of protesting and looting taking place in the area.

Gun Sales in Ferguson have increased in the wake of the police shooting.
Gun Sales in Ferguson have increased in the wake of the police shooting.

Based off all of these nights of violence many residents have started to go to gun shops in order to protect themselves and their families. Many gun shop owners in the area are reporting increased levels in their gun sales. Steven King, owner of Metro Shooting said  “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.” However this increase in gun sales is only in his store close by Ferguson, he reports that sales at his other store have stayed at its normal level.

Another store that has seen a drastic increase in gun sales is Mid-America Arms. Al Rothweiler, the owner of the store, reported that his store has seen its sales go up nearly 50%. He also said that more women than normal were purchasing firearms at his store. Many people who would not be seen as customers at these stores have been coming out in bunches to buy these guns.

We can only hope that the situation that is currently going on will begin to diffuse itself. Hopefully these new gun owners also do the best they can to learn how to properly use the guns and that they keep them in safe places so that more accidents do not happen because of it.

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ATF Looks to Impose a New Rule to Cut Down Gun Thefts

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is proposing a new rule that would place more regulatory reporting requirements on gun dealers. The rule will require firearm dealers, manufacturers and importers to report any guns that were lost in transit within two days. The goal of this newly proposed rule is to reduce the amount of gun thefts that occur during transit.

Gun thefts during transit have reportedly been increasing recently.
Gun thefts during transit have reportedly been increasing recently.

There are already federal regulations enacted that require firearm dealers to report guns lost in their inventories within two days. While that helps decrease gun thefts in store, the ATF hopes this new rule will help to decrease gun thefts that occur during shipping. The ATF reported that within the last 15 years, gun thefts that occur during transit have increased about 20 percent. They also concluded that there were about 1,500 cases where guns went missing and were never reported. The new rule states that “The omissions in the regulations regarding reporting the theft or loss of a firearm in transit adversely affect ATF’s local law enforcement’s investigative and tracing capabilities.”

However, the bill is facing some opposition. One of the main challengers of the rule is Larry Keane, the senior vice president for the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Mr Keane said “Manufactures work very closely with ATF when situations arise to help in the investigation — which usually ends up to be someone in the common carrier — but these cases are exceedingly rare.” Keane believing that the industry is already doing well the way it is, arguing that only 1,500 of 12 million guns were stolen out of transit.

It is important to continue to always try and lower the amount of gun thefts that occur. Whether or not the thefts occur during shipping, it is just important that firearms are not being obtained illegally.

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The Emergence of the Smart Gun Has Sparked Up Debate

The Smart Gun has recently been the subject of conversation for both sides of the aisle and as of right now it seems to be facing opposition from both sides. One side of the aisle fears that this weapon will encourage more people to buy guns, while the other side fears that the Smart Gun technology will be mandatory for all guns. The technology behind the gun is that the weapon will not fire unless its user is wearing a watch that is connected with it. The gun is also battery operated, so that in itself, has started up debates.

The Smart Gun has been a topic for heated debate recently.
The Smart Gun has been a topic for heated debate recently.

As a result of this, many shops that attempted to sell the Smart Gun have faced multiple threats from people who are against the gun. One such man was Andy Raymond, who owns a store in  Maryland. Right after announcing that he would sell it things went out of control and he said “People just started calling. All three of our lines were just boom, boom, boom. A hundred emails. I mean, just like that.” The threats that he received ranged from threats of burning the store down all the way to death threats. Eventually, Raymond decided not to sell the guns after seeing all of the backlash that was directed at him.

As of right now there are not many places that sell these guns but in time these guns will reach the open market. When speaking about the idea of the weapon going away Andy Raymond said “The technology isn’t going away. If people want to defeat it they need to defeat it in the free market. Then don’t buy it.”

The emergence of technology is always interesting to see because then we can see that there is growth in the markets. New technology should always be supported but we must make sure that it can be properly utilized.

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Gun Group is Being Formed by a Group of Grandmothers

A group of grandmothers in Indiana have decided to form a gun group for elderly women so that they can prevent themselves from becoming victims. The group was created by Konnie Couch and Robin Willoughby from Aurora, Indiana, and they named this group WAR which stands for Women Armed and Ready, the exact premise of the organization.

A member of the gun group takes aim at a target.
The gun group WAR is doing a lot to help educate people about guns.

These women chose to found the group after both of them were robbed in 2011 and they hope that will not happen to anyone who is apart of their gun group. When speaking about this Konnie Couch said “The thing of it is, bad things happen to good people all the time, and, if something bad is going to happen, it’s gonna happen without warning, it’s gonna be very quick, and you’ve gotta be prepared for it.” Her goals for this gun group are to make sure that everyone is competent when it comes to knowing how to use a gun. She also mentions that the three main goals of the group are education, training and competence. The group meets twice a month and they split their time with speaker led classes and first hand experience at a gun range.

All the members of this gun group have their concealed carry permits and as a whole, the percentage of female gun owners has been steadily increasing. Most members of the group get their licenses online from Florida because that license is accepted in many states.

These stories of people learning how to properly handle a weapon is great to hear especially when its from groups of people you wouldn’t think of using guns. These ladies are getting all the proper training and we can only hope that it provides them with an ample amount of protection.

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New U.S. Sanctions Increases Demand for Russian Guns

In response to the on-going crisis in Ukraine, the United States and the European Union have placed new sanctions on Russia. These sanctions are banning the import of Russian made guns into the United States illegal. However, one of the unexpected outcomes of these sanctions have been the increased demand for the AK-47 and Saiga guns.

American companies that still have the AK-47 or Saiga guns in stock are still allowed to sell their inventory, however they are no longer allowed to import any of the Kalashnikov products. Many distributors of the Kalashnikov guns or any other Russian guns have already run out of stock of those items.

Many Russian guns have seen a drastic increase in demand.
The AK-47 has recently become a very popular gun for many collectors.

Impact Guns, a gun shop that has stores in Utah and Idaho have sold out of nearly all of their Russian made products online. Craig Ball, director of operations at Impact Guns, said in relation to this spark in demand “the stores have seen increased interest from buyers looking for AK-47’s over the last few days. Gun stores typically don’t keep many AK’s in the pipeline” This lack of supply in these guns and drastic increase in their demand have virtually caused all of the weapons to go out of stock. This lack of supply for these weapons have also caused people to start searching elsewhere to find the guns that they want. The Chinese version of the AK-47 has seen an increase in demand and they are being shipped over to the United States at a much higher rate.

The unexpected results of these sanctions have caused gun enthusiasts to go on the search for Russian made guns before the supply runs out. These enthusiasts should look to keep these valuable weapons protected in gun safes during these times when their supply is so low.

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Gun Safety is Being Made a Priority in Alabama

Gun Safety is a very important topic for a citizen in Montgomery, Alabama. The citizen’s name is Nicole Price and she is a leader for Project Childsafe, which encourages teaching our children about gun safety.  She operates a local gun store and she is also a member of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Mrs.Price has been a pioneer for bringing Project Childsafe to Montgomery. Since she is also a mother she sees the great importance of teaching our children about these things. She knew that this project was vital for her community after she said “I decided that their information and ease about communicating gun safety to people was something our community needed.” The courses that they provide take place one Saturday of every month and they cost $10. The classes consist of a mix between an in class setting and the other taking place at a firing range. 

Gun range classes give students first hand experience to better understand gun safety.
Project Childsafe will ge people a hands on experience.


Besides the gun safety courses that this project offers they also give out gun  locks to people who own guns. Mrs. Price found out that many people did not know the proper ways to keep their firearms secure. She  said  “Once we showed them the ease of the cable lock and other devices, people were thankful for the free lock, an easy way to keep their gun safe from inappropriate users.” The gun locks that are being provided by the project make it so that guns are inoperable when the lock is on it.

Efforts to educate children about gun safety are always great to see and they should be practiced all over the world. We can hope that programs like this will help to keep our young children aware of the risks involved with guns and also understand the proper ways to use guns.

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Gun Thefts Becoming an Epidemic in Mississippi

As of recently, gun thefts have increased nationwide because of the high price that guns are going for on the black market. This increase in gun thefts have encouraged federal firearm agents to believe that stolen guns are one of the biggest threats in the nation. Mississippi has become one of the most targeted states for these thefts. In 2012, Mississippi ranked 9th nationwide for the most reported stolen firearms. These gun thefts have been affecting both gun owners and gun dealers.

Gun Thefts have become a very common in Mississippi
Here is a display of the assortment of guns stolen that were involved in gun trafficking cases

Mississippi had reported 3,439 guns stolen during 2012 with 592 of them being stolen from gun dealers. Most of the guns that were seized by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) had their serial numbers erased off and were most likely involved in gun trafficking. Many of these gun owners fear how their stolen guns will be used. Joel Lee of the ATF mentioned that when he said “It’s a heavy burden for dealers and gun owners to know someone has stolen a firearm from them. It’s a worrying thing, wondering if a firearm you intended to sell, or bought for a collection piece or target shooting, will be used as a weapon of mass destruction.”

Many people inside the communities that have experienced gun thefts are happy to see the cooperation amongst each other. Mike Creel, a manager of Cook’s Gun Shop was happy with the support that he and the store received after dealing with two break ins. He says that “We put it on Facebook, with the guns’ serial numbers, and in less than 24 hours, almost 11,000 people had seen that post.”

With the huge increase in gun thefts nationwide it is vital that we as Americans begin to keep our guns in safes and make sure that they are always protected and secure. If guns were kept in safes it would make it much more difficult for these criminals to steal the guns and it would lower the amount of gun thefts that take place.

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North Carolina Introduces Gun Safety Camps for Kids

Surf City, North Carolina is establishing gun safety camps that will look to educate children about the proper ways to handle a gun. They also are informing these kids about the risks that are involved with guns by teaching them the specifics of them. The camp is set to begin July 28 and end on August 1 followed by one more gun safety camp starting on August 11 and and ending August 15.

The gun safety camp will be hosted by the Surf City Parks and Recreations, with help through the cooperation of many local groups. The main partners involved are the local law enforcement, a local gun store and some members of the NRA.  Surf City Parks and Recreations Director Kristie Grubb said ” We are excited to partner with local businesses such as Surf City Guns, to offer this first-time, unique camp and play a role in developing safe practices with firearms.”

A Gun Safety camp counselor teaching kids about the specifics of guns.
A Gun Safety camp counselor teaching kids about the specifics of guns.

They will be teaching these children in a classroom setting about the basics of pistols and rifles. Throughout the camp there will also be hands on demonstrations that the children will be a part of.  On the final day of the camp the children will be given the opportunity of going to a gun range to safely fire a Ruger pistol and use all of their new knowledge in a real life situation. Kristie Grubb also said “Our hopes are to teach gun safety and responsibility to our area kids in hopes to prevent accidents with guns now and in the future.” when she was discussing her aspirations for the gun safety camp.

There is no better way to teach people about the risks of guns than by teaching them about it at a young age. We should all have high hopes for this gun safety camp because it is great to see people teaching these things to children. We’d also love to see this gun safety camp instituted all over the US if successful. It’s always much easier to teach a child gun safety than to reprimand them after an accident has occurred.

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Australian Government Aims to Curb Gun Thefts

Australia has launched a national program that hopes to crackdown on the amount of illegal guns that are in circulation in the country’s black market. The program entitled Operation Unification hopes to cut down the large amount of gun thefts that occur in the country. This operation is seeing its first light in the state of New South Wales.

Last year alone police report that around 555 firearms were reported stolen in New South Wales alone. A large majority of the gun that are reported stolen are rifles and shotguns. Most of the reported incidents of gun theft occur in the rural parts of the state, which are the northern and western regions.

A majority of guns on the black market come from gun thefts.
There is a large black market for all different types of guns.

Most of the guns that are taken during gun thefts are being sold on the local black markets, with only a small percentage of the guns being used to commit crimes. The rifles and shotguns fetch a very high price on the black market and that helps to explain the large amount of gun thefts that occur in this state. When speaking of the increase in the black market gun trade the Northern Region Commander, Assistant Commissioner Jeff Loy said “It’s not so much that there’s the gun trade as we see in the movies and things, this is the day-to-day people that take advantage to make and earn, to actually sell these firearms that are taken from these properties.” He also mentions the importance of keeping your guns locked up and protected so that they do not become another statistic of gun thefts.

With gun thefts increasing not only in Australia but also worldwide, it is encouraging to see things that work to lower the amount that occur. It is so important to make sure that your guns are protected and being stored in proper storage units.

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Michigan County Hopes to Reduce Gun Violence by Hosting a Gun Safety Week

A county in Michigan is getting ready for a Gun Safety week that they intend to help  reduce gun violence.  The county of Washtenaw are hoping that this week will decrease the amount of gun violence in the area by promoting the importance of keeping all guns locked up and protected. The various agencies of the county have all come together to help promoting ways to reduce gun violence.

During a public conference officials spoke about the fact that The United States has a much larger amount of gun violence in comparison to countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Australia. They worry that if we do not continue to promote Gun Safety than the amount of gun violence in our nation could spiral out of control.  The county officials mentioned that “in 2010, about 30,000 people died in the U.S. from gun violence and nearly 60,000 suffered non-fatal, gun-related injuries.” With numbers as big as these they believe that we must do whatever we can to help lower it and they believe this Gun Safety week will help to do that.

A gun being locked up properly helps to reduce gun violence.
Gun being locked up properly a cable style gun lock.

During the conference they also brought up the danger posed to children when guns are not stored properly. They estimated that “more than 2 million children live in homes with unsecured guns in the U.S.” During their Gun Safety week the Washtenaw law enforcement agencies will be handing out free gun locks in the hopes of lowering the number of unsecured guns within people’s homes. Police Chief Gary Schnerlinck was honored to be apart of helping reduce gun violence and when talking about the gun safety week he said “Gun security and safety is an excellent preventative tool when it comes to the overall health and safety of our communities.” 

Events like these no matter how small or big they may be, are always good to hear about because everyone must know the risks behind guns and the importance of storing them properly.

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